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The school enters a number of competitions during the year, both team and individual events.

English-Speaking Competitions: This is the school speech competition in which all pupils in Year 4 - 8 are required to prepare a 3-minute speech. Finalists from each class are then judged by an external adjudicator.

General Knowledge: The school enters teams in the General Knowledge competitions organised by The Press and the Otago Daily Times.

ICAS Competitions: These are curriculum competitions organised under the umbrella of the International Competitions for Australian Schools by the Univerity of New South Wales. Individuals put themselevs forward for competition in English, Writing, Spelling, Mathematics and Science.

Kids Lit Quiz: This is a literature event in which teams compete to answer questions about books, authors and related matters.

Knowledge of School History: In Term 1 of each year, Year 6 - 8 pupils enter a competition to demonstrate their knowledge of the school's history.More details

Mathematics Competitions: In addition to the ICAS Mathematics competition, the school enters teams or individuals in the Australian mathematics Competition, the Otago Problem-Solving Competition and CantaMaths.

Music Competitions: Following preliminary rounds in which entrants play to their classes and are judged by the Head of Music, Finals take play in which competitors are judged by an external adjudicator.

Poetry Reading Competition: All pupil in Years 4 - 8 enter class competitions followed by Finals.