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Outdoor Education Camps

The school holds a number of camps for Year 4 - 8 classes. Information as it comes to hand about each of these camps is contained in the appropriate folder in the Resources file on the right.  Photographs of the camps may be found in the Photo Gallery.

Year 6 Camp - Hanmer Springs: This camp for Year 6 pupils is actually two camps - a Girls' Camp and a Boys' Camp on the same site. There are some shared activities, such as BBQs, Challenge activities and the final campfire, but other activities and the sleeping accommodation are separate. Activities include: mountain biking, climbing, search & rescue, map, compass and orienteering, camping out and hot pools.

Year 7 Camp: The Year 7 winter camp at Castle Hill Outdoor Education Centre provides the next step for preparing our pupils for learning in the outdoors. It builds upon the knowledge and skills introduced at the Year 6 camp. It provides a valuable lead into the Year 8 camp. Further opportunities for the pupils to excel are provided during leadership activities later in the year.

Year 8 Camps - Mt Cook: The Year 8 classes head to Mt Cook, via the McKenzie Country, along the way engaging in activities including camping, water safety, high ropes, bush tramping, Mt John Observatory, hydro-electric tour, wildlife sanctuary visit, glacial valley study and dinner at The Hermitage. The boys and girls classes undertake this adventure separately.

Year 5 Camp - Wainui: The boys' and girls' Year 5 classes join forces for three days at the YMCA camp at  Wainui on Banks Penninsula. Activities include cooking, kayaking, coasteering, bushcraft, archery, orienteering and team games.

Year 4 Camp - School: The Year 4 classes maintain Grammar's links with the Halkett community established during our post-quake evacuation. The group heads out to Halkett Community Centre and pitches camp overnight. An excited early start prefaces breakfast and camp break-down, before a day of activities around the city before returning to school. 
Year 8 Girls' Camp
Y8G Camp - Itinerary 2018
2018 Y8G Camp - Gear List
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Year 8 Boys' Camp
Year 6 Hanmer Camp
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