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RSS Feed from GrammarNET News Centre

In a busy world, it is easy to forget to look at everything that you need to … like the latest news on GrammarNET. Wouldn’t it great if the News came to you!!! Then you could decide if it was worth reading!!!

Well, that’s is exactly what you can do on GrammarNET – make the news come to you. It’s called a “feed”. Here’s how to make it work for you.

On the GrammarNET News Centre you will see this icon …

When you click it, a window will open giving you the option to receive Notices (which are the internal Daily Notices) and/or Articles (which are the News items). Both are initially selected (and that is best) but you can make a selection and then click on “Click to bookmark”. 

This will take you to your browser where you will find information about the feed including a link that will be labelled “Subscribe to this Feed”. Click on this link.

Each type of browser will handle what happens next slightly differently, but your objective is to have a bookmark to this feed from GrammarNET show up on the Favourites (Bookmark) toolbar on your browser. It should be pretty straight forward, but it may be necessary to click another “Subscribe” button to get to that point. 

And that’s all there is to it…now, when you open your browser and click on the GrammarNET Feed icon in your Favourites, you will be taken to a page on which all the latest news items appear in brief, and you can select the ones which you wish to read!