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Sleep & bed times

Sleep is a very important factor in the well-being of everyone. It is especially important for growing and developing children.

Sleep gives the opportunity for physical rest and also, according to recent research, time in which the brain consolidates or reinforces what the child has learned or observed during the day.

Lack of sleep can cause fatigue, inattentiveness and listlessness. Less obvious are irritability, impatience, fussiness and even aggressive behaviour. Regular length of sleep is needed every night.

Missed sleep is not able to be made up, so a regular sleeping routine is important.

Bed times:

  • At Pre-School level it is suggested that children should be in bed between 6pm and 7pm, aiming for twelve hours sleep.
  • In Junior School the guide is 7.00pm for Year one, 7.15pm for Year Two and 7.30pm for Year Three.
  • Prep School: Children from the ages of eight to twelve require between ten and nine and a half hours sleep each night.
A regular routine, with children knowing their expected bed time is a good beginning to establishing healthy sleep patterns and as a consequence a general sense of well-being.