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Cellphones & Cybersafety

In general, the school does not encourage pupils to have cellphones at school.

The ability to communicate is wonderful, but it does bring with it a swath of attendant issues and responsibilities, most of which are probably inappropriate to entrust to the social abilities and understanding of social context of a child under the age of ten unless it is an emergency-only communicator.

We recognise, however, that a cellphone may be a useful communication tool between the home and a pupil in the after-school period for some families and the school's policy regarding cellphone use by pupils is based on this.

  1. If brought to school, a cellphone is to be switched off and stored in the school bag. [Leniency shown in this regard during the post-earthquake period.]
  2. It may be used only after school has ended for the day. In exceptional circumstances, a pupil may seek prior permission from a staff member to use the the cellphone to check or send a message during the school day.
  3. If a cellphone is used other than as above, it will be held by the Head of Department until such time as it collected by the parent of the pupil.
  4. The school takes no responsibility for damage or loss of a cellphone which has been brought to school.