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Health & Sickness

Important information about your child's health and what to do if they are sick.

Absence from School - information about what to do if your child needs to be absent, and when your child should be away from school.

Sickness Policy - the school has a detailed policy relating to sickness.  This includes such matters as which diseases require your child to be kept home from school and for how long.  It is in your best interests to ensure that you read this policy.

Headlice - this is an emotive issue which the school endeavours to deal with in a low key manner.  It would be very useful to know what we do and what you should do if a case of headlice occurs in your child's class.

Whooping Cough - a significant disease that is in the local community.

Norovirus - a common cause of vomiting and diarrhoeal (gastrointestinal) illness which is highly infectious.