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Strategic planning

The school is embarking on the development of a new strategic plan to cover the next 5 - 10 years. Following the earthquakes of 2011 and all that has become possible materially as a result of them, the appointment of a new Headmaster, and the expiry of the the previous strategic plan, a new plan is appropriate on several levels.

That does not, of necessity, mean that there will be change in the direction and/or philosophy of the school. It does mean, however, that we will be reviewing the priorities and the principles which drive the operation of the school and the outcomes that it achieves for its pupils, ensuring that these are in line with the desired direction that the school wishes to take strategically.

On this page and the pages which will link to it, we will provide information that guides and summarises the strategic plan as it develops through its stages of consultation with the stakeholders of the school, particularly its parent and student community, its staff and the Board of Trustees.