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Sports' Day

School Athletic Sports' Day is on Thursday 26  October 2017 at Christ's College. The save day is Friday 27 October. Sports' Day consists of the Pre-School and Junior School events; and the Prep Schools' field event finals, and track races seeded from Heats' Day. 

Athletic Sports Day 2017 - Programme

All pupils should come to school dressed in their summer PE uniform, ie:

   ♦  House shirt
   ♦  PE shorts
   ♦  white socks
   ♦  full tracksuit
♦  sports shoes

In their Sports' Bag, each pupil requires:
   ♦  sunhat
   ♦  sunblock
   ♦  beanie hat (optional - but it could well be a cold day)
   ♦  fleece (optional - but it could well be a cold day)
   ♦  drink bottle - water only, please
♦  sufficient food for a busy day of activity: morning tea snack, lunch, afternoon snack

Please be aware that the Tuck Shop is closed on Sports' Day.

Spectators are welcome throughout the day but please do not enter through the main gates of Christ's College. To access the sports' field, enter the Botanic Gardens via the Museum Gate and follow the path alongside the museum and past the Robert McDougall Gallery building and public toilets on the right. Entry to the College grounds is through the small roofed gate in the brick wall on the right.

Lunch is held at noon approximately and parents are welcome to join their children for lunch on the Archery Lawn in the Botanical Gardens. Lunch finishes at 1.00pm to enable a prompt 1.15pm start to the afternoon events. 

The school day finishes at the usual Thursday times for each department, although parents may collect their children from Christ's College at the conclusion of Sports' Day. If you wish to collect your child directly from Christ's College, please advise your child's class teacher at the time. Please note, however, that the Grammar buildings will be locked during Sports' Day and it will not be possible to access pupils' belongings until the School returns from College at the end of the day.