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Athletic Sports' Entry Information

All Pre-School and Junior School pupils take part in special races and events on Sports' Day.

All Boys' and Girls' Prep School pupils take part in the Athletic Sports through being timed / measured for each event appropriate to their Age Grade.

Age Grades for Prep Schools Events: Ages are taken as at 1st January of the year in which the event is held.
Senior:     11 years 6 months and above 
Middle:    10 years 0 months to 11 years 5 months 
Junior:        8 years 6 months to 9 years 11 months 
Bantam:   All Year 4; other pupils below 8 years 5 months
Prep Schools' Events: The events competed for by each age grade for pupils are indicated by a #

   Bantams  Juniors  Middles  Seniors
60m  #  #
100m  #  #  #  #
200m  #  #  #  #
400m    #  #  #
800m  #  # #  #
High Jump  #  #  #  #
Long Jump  #  #  #  #
Cricketball Throw  #  #  #  #
 Shot Put

 #  #
Discus        #   #

Championship and Non-Championship Events: Some field event qualification events are held during PE lessons in Term III. The remaining field event qualifications and the heats for all track events are held on one day early in Term IV.  In the heats and qualifications, each pupil is timed / measured over every event appropriate to his / her age grade.

Positions in Championship and Non-Championship events on Sports' Day are based on the times / distances achieved by an individual in the heats and qualifications. The fastest eight runners in each track event in each age grade run in the Age Grade Championship races. All other runners in each event are drawn into races of approximately eight runners of similar ability and race in the Non-championship races. The best six (and up to 8) performers in each field event in each age grade are selected to compete in a final for the Age Grade Championship on Sports' Day. There are no Non-championship field events.

Note: In the interests of appropriate participation on Sports' Day, a competitor who is absent from the heats or qualification may have a time / distance from a previous year or event entered at the discretion of the Head of Sport.

Points: All pupils gain one House Point for each event in which they compete. In addition, competitors also win the following points for their Houses and for their individual points tally for the Age Grade Championship if they manage to reach a Championship final:

 Championship Events  1st - 40 2nd - 25 3rd - 20 4th - 13 5th - 12  6th - 11 7th - 10 8th - 9
 Non-Championship Events  1st - 8 2nd - 7 3rd - 6 4th - 5 5th - 4 6th - 3 7th - 2 8th - 1
 Relay & Tug-'o-War Events     1st - 100 2nd - 60 3rd - 40 4th - 30      

Event Rules: 
♦ Competitors may compete in bare feet or running shoes. 
♦ Spiked running shoes are permitted only in those races which are run entirely in lanes, ie 60 - 400 metres. Runners who are not regular club runners are advised not to run in spikes.  
♦ Spikes are not permitted in tug of war events.  
♦ All normal rules relating to what constitutes a legal throw or jump are followed.
♦ In high jump, competitors are not permitted to use a Fosbury Flop. (This technique is not permitted at the next levels of representation.)

House Colours:

- Hansen, Connon
Green - Merton, Dell
Gold - Parr, Hart
Red - Gibson, Mullan