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School Athletics' Records

These are the records achieved in the Age Grade Championship events during the school's history of Athletics' Sports.

Boys' Track Events

Junior 60m 9.08 A.S. Bell 2012
Bantam 60m 9.71 J.J. Grove 2011
Junior 80m
Bantam 80m
Junior 50m
Bantam 50m
Senior 60m
Intermediate 60m
Middle 60m       
Senior 100m 11.60 M.J. Stuart 1980
Intermediate 100m 13.16 T.C. Manson 2002
Middle 100m      
Junior 100m 14.55 H.C. Matheson 1984
Bantam 100m 15.30 A.M. Kaa 1980
Senior 200m 26.29 T.C. Manson 2003
Intermediate 200m
27.40 T.C. Manson
Middle 200m

Junior 200m 29.90 N.W. Duncan 1981
Bantam 200m 32.08 T.I. Everist 1988
Senior 400m 59.65 M.J.Durant 2015
Intermediate 400m 1:00.02 T.C. Manson 2002
Middle 400m       
Junior 400m 1:00.16 N.M. Fuller 2002
Senior 800m 2:29.02 M.J.Durant 2015
Intermediate 800m
Middle 800m 2:37.74 N.A.M. St John 1985
Junior 800m 2:44.15 M.K. Jackson 1990
Bantam 800m 2:54.04 J.W.S. Rolleston 1990

Girls' Track Events

Junior 60m 9.69 A.J. Schneideman 2013
Bantam 60m 10.07 A.J. Schneideman 2012
Junior 80m
Bantam 80m
Junior 50m
Bantam 50m      
Senior 60m

Intermediate 60m 
Midde 60 m
Senior 100m 14.35 K. Stewart 2003
Intermediate 100m 15.03 V.K.S. King 2006
Middle 100m      
Junior 100m 16.04 A.J. Schneideman 2013
Bantam 100m 16.85 J.M. Gunn 2006
Senior 200m 29.57 J.M. Gunn 2010
Intermediate 200m 30.15 E.M. McDonald 1996
Middle 200m
Junior 200m 33.81 J.M. Gunn 2007
Bantam 200m 36.30 J.K.C. Pegg 2011
Senior 400m 1:10.05 S.L.Vance 2015
Intermediate 400m 1:09.28 H.L.B. Place 2011
Middle 400m 1:16.53 H.L.B. Place
Junior 400m

Senior 800m 2:47.23 S.L.Vance 2015
Intermediate 800m 2:47.65 N.E. Vance 2017
Middle 800m 2:54.79 L.O. Vance 2017
Junior 800m
Bantam 800m 3:10.88 L.K. Botting 2011

Boys' Field Events

Senior High Jump 1.50m J.A.C Ryan 1995
Intermediate High Jump
1.41m C.J. Smith  2014
Middle High Jump 1.27m J.A.C. Ryan 1993
Junior High Jump

Bantam High Jump 1.12m J.R. Alexander 1995
Senior Long Jump 4.80m R. Lay 1975
Intermediate Long Jump
Middle Long Jump 4.75m M.J.C. Talbot 1985
Junior Long Jump 3.79m H.O. Dunford-Baker 2003
Bantam Long Jump 3.38m C.J. Hannah 1989
Senior Cricketball Throw 62.56m J.A.C. Ryan 1995
Intermediate Cricket Throw 55.03m J.Y. Lee
Middle Cricketball Throw

Junior Cricketball Throw 47.76m J.A.C. Ryan 1993
Bantam Cricketball Throw 39.25m T.M.P. James 1994
Senior Shot Put 9.90m M-C. Gribben 1991
Intermediate Shot Put  9.80m  G.H. Clarke  2010
Middle Shot Put

Senior Discus 29.65m J.K.E. Skurr 2007
Intermediate Discus
26.80m J.K.E. Skurr
Middle Discus

Girls' Field Events

Senior High Jump 1.37m V. Gutmann 2017
Intermediate High Jump 1.27m V.K.S. King 2006
Middle High Jump 1.15m V.K.S. King 2004
Junior High Jump
Bantam High Jump 1.03m P.I.M. Smith 2012
Senior Long Jump 4.29m A.E. Brown 2006
Intermediate Long Jump      
Middle Long Jump 4.08m V.Guttman 2015
Junior Long Jump 3.56m L.O.Vance 2016
Bantam Long Jump 3.10m J.K.C. Pegg 2011
Senior Cricketball Throw 45.85m I.M. Brown 2009
 Intermediate Cricket Throw 36.59m  A.E.Cromie 2004
Middle Cricketball Throw

Junior Cricketball Throw 27.90m L.I.E. Tothill 2009
Bantam Cricketball Throw 24.35m V.K.S. King 2003
Senior Shot Put 8.20m I.M. Brown 2009
Intermediate Shot Put 7.82m K.L. Buttle 2016
Middle Shot Put
Senior Discus 24.59m C.N.E. Worner 2007
Intermediate Discus 22.04m T.V. Abbott 2002

 Middle Discus