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School Cross Country Championships

The 2017 Cross-country Championships are on Tuesday 2 May. All pupils in Y1-8 participate. We warmly welcome parents to join us in North Hagley Park (the rugby fields opposite Nancy’s Corner.)

You may take your child home directly from Hagley Park after the final race (3.00pm approximately). For emergency purposes, before doing so, please inform your child’s class teacher at the conclusion of the race programme if you are taking your child home directly. However, please be aware that for security, access to the school buildings and pupil belongings therein will be locked until the rest of the school returns at the conclusion of the event.

Race Schedule & Distances: 
12.50pm    Power Walking Race
1.30pm       Junior School Y1-3 races              Y1 = 750m; Y2 = 800m; Y3 = 900m
1.50pm       Bantam Girls                                    1km = 1 lap
2.00pm       Bantam Boys                                    1km = 1 lap
2.10pm       Junior & Middle Girls                     2km = 2 laps
2.25pm       Junior & Middle Boys                     2km = 2 laps
2.40pm       Senior Boys & Senior Girls           3km = 3 laps

Age Grades for School Events:  Ages are taken as at 1st January in the year of the event.

             Junior School pupil will run in year-groups.
Senior:      11 years 6 months and above 
Middle:     10 years 0 months to 11 years 5 months 
Junior:         8 years 6 months to 9 years 11 months 
Bantam:   All Year 4; other pupils below 8 years 6 months

Event rules:  Competitors may compete in bare feet or running shoes, but spiked running shoes are not permitted.  

All pupils score House Points equal to the place they achieve in their event. The House with the smallest score wins the event. To account for differences in the number of competitors in each House the following process is followed: 
Age Grades: In each Age Grade, runners are counted up to that of the smallest House in that Age Grade. 

Overall: For the overall House result (over all grades), the runners from each House are arranged according to their place irrespective of Age Grade and their scores tallied up to that of the House with the smallest numbers of runners overall. The House with the lowest tally is the winner.
Yr 1 Crosscountry- course
Yr 2 Crosscountry- course
Yr 3 Crosscountry- course
Prep Schools Crosscountry- course