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2017 Basketball Results

 12th May  
CGS Superstars Girls Year 8 team  vs Sacred Heart  Win 18 - 10 POD Hayley Duggan

A great first game with the girls finding the basket regularly. 

CGS Maroon   vs OLA Win 16 - 8  POD Tim Seeto

A good start to the season with Grammar prevailing., as they managed to put together passing moves and shots under the hoop 

CGS White  vs St Martins  Loss 2 - 31 POD Katie McHerron

The warm up game for this team, as most of the team had not played before. As the opposition was experienced, the result was a forgone conclusion. This team will improve quickly.

19th May
CGS Superstars played the Prebbleton Pumas and won 20-10     POD Zoe Smith
Great breaks down the court and good passing secured the win

CGS White played Oaklands A and lost                                               POD Guy Greening
A stronger team with better skills, although we had our chances under the basket.

The coach is asking that all the basketball players practise shooting baskets at break times this week.

27 May
CGS Superstars Loss 9-18 POD Sophie Allnutt
CGS Maroon Loss 8 - 15 POD Tim Seeto
CGS White Win 6 - 4 POD Joel Prince

2 June
CGS Maroon Loss 9 - 18 Medbury  POD  Toby Wongsri
CGS White     Loss 9 - 18 Medbury  POD Lachlan Walker

16 June
CGS Maroon    Drew with St Thomas's  9 - 9            POD  Jono Murphy
A tough game with each team giving their best
CGS White        Lost  to Cathedral College   45 - 5    POD  Guy Greening
We were outplayed by this better skilled team
CGS Superstar Girls Win Prebbleton            30 - 4     POD Milly Mitchell
A great game with the baskets going in

23 June
CGS Maroon      Won 14 - 12 PODJonty Foote
CGS White          Loss  6- 26   POD Christian Higgins
CGS Superstars Win   22- 16  POD Vivien Guttmann

30 June
CGS Maroon,      Game 1 v Halswell Hotshots     Win, 12-7       POD Bruce Chen
                             Game 2 v STCC                             Loss 14-8      POD  Joey Young
CGS White          Bye
CGS Superstars  v  CSIS Amazons                           Loss, 14-7  POD  Holly Lill

28th July
CGS Maroon       Played  St Martins    Win 12-7       POD Bruce Chen
CGS White          Played Christchurch South Intermediate Loss 32-3  POD George Pearse
CGS Superstars  Played Selwyn House Win 16-8  POD  Milly Mitchell

4th August
CGS White    Played St Marks                       Loss 11- 7   POD Liv Monkman
White team played their strongest game yet with good teamwork and confidence beginning to develop. Liv is gaining confidence and put up some good shots, while George and Lachlan and really digging deep on defense.  Christian is beginning to use his height to an advantage under the basket and the whole team will have more victories with some more shooting practice.  

CGS Maroon Played South Intermediate   Win   10- 6  POD Sophia Stewart

The team had a close game and showed grit and determination that  to  pull ahead and keep the opposition at bay long enough to win the game.  Sophia made an improved effort on defense in the second half and started getting more pro-active in stealing the ball.  The whole team lifted their game which was great to see. Tobey is beginning to show real skill at lay-ups and scoring and Jonty scored well and played a clean game with no fouls.  The whole team are working well together.

18th August

CGS Maroon played Beckenham Win  20 to  7  POD Toby, top scorer 

The maroon team had an excellent win out-playing the opposition easily. Jonty played excellent defence that was clean and effective, Tobey was the top scorer but with many other players contributing points to the success. Liv displayed a lot more confidence under the basket. A result worth celebrating.

CGS White  played Loss 26 to 4 POD Christian 

The white team  made a tremendous effort against a very strong team and unfortunately could not beat them. Many shots were taken but we are not successful. The standard of basketball and skills displayed are still impressive as this team has developed into a cohesive unit.

25th August
CGS White lost 7-4 to Halswell. POD Joel Prince A close fought game showing great improvement of skills by the White team
CGS Maroon lost 14 - 8 to Medbury POD Tim Seeto A game where the hoops just didn't go in. Medbury played a more coordinated second half to put the game away.
CGS Superstars lost 14- 10 to Prebbleton POD Sophie Allnutt Great commitment from the Grammar girls, with successful hoops proving elusive.

8th September
CGS Maroon played Beckenham and lost 23 - 10. A tough game which swung in the balance until the second half. Great games and a never give up attitude from Joey and Jono. POD Joey Young and Jono Murphy
CGS Superstars played Halswell and lost 18 - 10. Grammar played well but baskets proved elusive as the shots were going up, but not in. Everyone gave 100%. Well done team. POD Zoe Smith

15th September
CGS White played Cashmere and won 13 - 4 POD The team
CGS Superstars played Selwyn House and won 26 - 6  Into the final ! POD The team