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FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions; a mine of information.

Badges - information about the criteria for the award of the various school lapel badges and the process by which they may be obtained.

Computers - information about computers in the school, access to files, GrammarNET.

Health & Sickness 
- information about health topics including:

Headlice - information about headlice, their treatment and school policy regarding an outbreak.

House System - details about the organisation of Houses.

- a listing of the current school policies on a wide range of matters.

Rules - a copy of the School Rules which apply to all members of the school community; pupils, staff and parents.

- information about scholarships that available within the school.

School History - a timeline of information about the history of the school from which the questions in the Knowledge of school History Competition are taken.

School Photographs
- information about how to preview and order any school photograph of a class, team or group taken since 2007.

Stationery List - stationery lists for the beginning of the school year.

Uniform - a list of all uniform required for each department along.  Also, information about where uniform items may be obtained and links to the Uniform Shop.

Virtues List - a list of the Virtues covered each week in the Virtues Programme..