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The School Curriculum

The Ministry of Education has established a curriculum for all state and integrated schools. This is called The New Zealand Curriculum and you can locate a copy of it, and other information about it here.

As an independent school, The Cathedral Grammar School is not required to follow The New Zealand Curriculum, and, as we value our independence from the state system, we choose not to formally do so. Nonetheless, aspects of our curriculum and assessment practice are influenced by The New Zealand Curriculum.

On this site, we provide parents with the objectives and year level course content (where appropriate) for curriculum followed by The Cathedral Grammar School.

Foundation Statements: These are important statements which underpin the programme of learning and teaching at The Cathedral Grammar School.

Curriculum Statements: Learning objectives and content for specific subjects. Note: Not all curriculum areas are able to be accessed at this time

Art Education
Constructive English
Written Language
History & Geography
Physical Education & Sport
Religious Education