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The school is very well resourced with computers for the use of pupils and staff. The entire site is covered by wired and wireless broadband access and most classrooms have electronic interactive whiteboards. 

Pre-School pupils have access to a number of computers for activities which improve reading, writing, mathematics and drawing. By using these computers, the pupils also develop their ability to use the computer per se.

Junior School pupils (Years 1 - 3) have access to pods of laptop computers and iPads to continue the skills developed in the Pre-School. Computers are deliberately not used for core class work at this level.

Prep School pupils  in Years 4 & 5 have access to 
pods of laptop computers and iPads . These are used as reinforcement of the core programme, for research and the development of computer skills.

Prep School pupils in Years 6 - 8 are each issued with a laptop for use at schoolA small charge is levied each term for this facility. Aspects of the core programme are delivered electronically and pupils in these year levels are increasingly expected to present a proportion of their work electronically. The laptop remains in the safe keeping of the pupil throughout the school year, and is taken to most core lessons. Repairs, if necessary, are carried out by the school although a charge may be levied if the damage is due to the pupil's negligence. All pupils are able to access their school files from home, thus removing the necessity for the laptop to be taken out of the school. All pupils sign a Cypersaftey User Agreement and are provided with regular instruction on how to keep safe on the Internet.

Access to the Internet requires a pupil to sign on using a unique identifier. The school maintains logs of all transactions across the network and follows up with pupils, and if necessary parents, on any incidences of inappropriate use. Use of the Internet in school is generally limited to specific sites which have been vetted by staff.

A copy of the Cybersafety User Agreement can be viewed on the School Policies page.