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Poetry Reading Competitions

The Poetry Reading Competitions are held in Term IV.

Every pupil in Years 4 - 8 prepares both a set poem and an own-choice poem for presentation to the class. Three or four finalists from each class are selected for the Finals which are judged by an external adjudicator.

For more details about the Poetry Reading Competitions,click here.


Adjudicator: Mrs Rozena Hallum

Cameron Cup for Senior Girls:  Henrietta Bullen

      1st place, 8G:  Henrietta Bullen
1st place, 7G:  Lucy Botting

Lill Cup for Junior Girls:  Winifred Davis

      1st place, 6G:  Winifred Davis
 1st place, 5G:  Isabella Bullen
1st place, 4G:  Eloise Parkes

Liddell Cup for Senior Boys:  Toby Beale

      1st place, 8B:  Toby Beale
1st place, 7X:  Matthew Durant
      1st place, 7B:  Kane Jones

McCook Cup for Junior Boys:  Robbie Bargrove

      1st place, 6B:  Robbie Bargrove
 1st place, 5B:  Jonty Foote & William Morris
1st place, 4B:  Charles Beale