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Foundation Statements

These statements underpin the ideal preparation provided at The Cathedral Grammar School.

Key Goals
The ideal preparation is achieved by the school continuously striving to achieve the Key Goals for each child. Find out more »

 We produced our list of Key Goals several years before the Ministry of Education produced their own Competencies for state and integrated schools. Read the state school version »

The Goal Outcomes
What do the Key Goals look like in practice by the end of Year 8. Here, the Key Goals are unpacked. Find out more »

Conditions for learning
The ideal preparation requires appropriate Conditions for Learning being achieved for every pupil by every teacher. What are these Conditions for Learning? Find out more »

The Curriculum
The ideal preparation is achieved through the teaching of a curriculum which matches the philosophy of the school and supports achievement and the key Goals.  Find out more »

Assessment practices
The ideal preparation is supported by the application of these assessment practices to the teaching process.  Find out more »

Guiding principles
The ideal preparation is maintained over time, despite change, through the school maintaining its adherence to guiding principles.  Find out more »

Christian setting
The Christian faith is central to the life of the school and provides a vital setting for the ideal preparation.  Find out more »