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Key Goal Outcomes

Our commitment as teachers is to ensuring that, when Cathedral Grammar pupils leave for secondary school having experienced the ideal preparation, they have achieved the goal outcomes.

Holistic Literacy

By the end of Year 8, pupils will be becoming independent learners who:

  • can take appropriate meaning from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction material;
  • can apply a range of mathematical concepts to the reality of the world about them;
  • have begun to understand modern scientific concepts to explain the natural and technological world about them;
  • have begun to develop cultural and global awareness through exposure to the lessons of history and current social issues;
  • have begun to explore the richness and meaning of life through music, art, drama and religious studies; and
  • are self-motivated to extend their skills and knowledge.

Higher thinking

By the end of Year 8, will be becoming independent learners who are:

  • motivated learners who show curiosity, perseverance and enjoyment of learning;
  • creative thinkers who take risks;
  • reflective learners who question, debate, justify, reason and share ideas and opinions;
  • responsible thinkers who listen to and accept others; and
  • adaptable thinkers who are able to manage concepts of appropriate complexity.

Personal Communications

By the end of Year 8, will be becoming independent learners who are able to:

  • relate positively to others and interact with them to achieve successful outcomes;
  • listen actively and sensitively to others;
  • communicate willingly, confidently and effectively, including by means of technology, with different audiences in a variety of settings;
  • express personal beliefs and feelings, and show sensitivity towards the beliefs and feelings of others.

Personal management

By the end of Year 8, will be becoming independent learners who are able to:

  • assign priorities to tasks and make effective decisions;
  • organise their personal environment with sensitivity to the wider context;
  • plan and manage their time and tasks to achieve successful outcomes;
  • produce relevant, high-quality products using technology effectively when appropriate; and
  • self-evaluate the extent of their learning and the quality of their work.

Community orientation

By the end of Year 8, will be becoming independent learners who are:

  • demonstrate loyalty to New Zealand;
  • make value-based decisions;
  • take personal and social responsibility through a strong sense of their self-worth and of their role within the wider community;
  • make choices that reflect an orientation to healthy living;
  • work productively and collaboratively in teams;
  • are open to and aware of the spiritual dimension in their lives.