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Spelling learning objectives

Accurate spelling is not only necessary for effective writing, it is a mark of being literate. While some pupils will develop a spelling memory with little apparent effort, most pupils will require directed teaching and learning in order to develop not only a memory of how words are spelt, but also to gain knowledge of the rules of spelling, a sensitivity to the use of correct spelling and an ability to correct their spelling. A positive side effect is the ability to use a dictionary proficiently.


The spelling programme will:

  • help pupils to become independent spellers;
  • teach methods for learning to spell new words;
  • help each pupil develop a spelling conscience that is characterized by an attitude of correctness;
  • help each pupil to communicate with confidence and accuracy in written language;
  • help pupils become proficient in understanding and using dictionaries;
  • help each pupil develop and use a system of proof reading.


Specific spelling teaching and learning opportunities will be part of the weekly programme. Weekly word lists will be provided that are appropriate to the pupil's level of knowledge.

  • Activities will be undertaken to assist pupils to:
  • spell their list words from memory
  • develop knowledge of spelling rules
  • become aware of sound/spelling relationships
  • become sensitive to spelling conventions

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