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History & Geography programme: Year 4 - 6

Areas of Study Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
On-going themes Current Events General Knowledge Topics/Issues as they arise School History
CIVICS and Local Community Civics Special Days we commemorate Coping with Disasters International and Humanitarian Aid Organisations

(eg: Red Cross, Oxfam, UNICEF, Save Chn)

Banking & Budgeting and/or Consumerism
Local Community School History Christ Church Cathedral Early Christchurch (incl: Lyttelton and Akaroa) Early Canterbury (incl: shipping, emigrants, settlers)
NEW ZEALAND History Early European settlement (Treaty of Waitangi) Pre-European settlement (incl: Banks Peninsula ) An Emerging Nation (eg: Post WW II, The Sixties)
Geography Mapping - basic features Local environment New Zealand 's position in the World Mapping (political & relief maps) Climate (How this shapes our way of life)
PACIFIC South Pacific & Pacific Rim Our Closest Neighbour Australia Pacific Societies/Cultures eg Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga Our Most Southern Interest Antarctica
THE WORLD History Ancient History Dinosaurs or Stone Age 1066 - 1361 The Middle Ages   1381 - 1600 Tudors & Stuarts  
Early Civilisations Egypt Aztecs or Incas Greeks
Country Study Countries needing our help eg Malawi , Ethiopia , Fiji , Papua-New Guinea A Constitutional Monarchy eg Thailand , Japan , Spain , Commonwealth country Countries of Historical Influence eg United Kingdom , Greece , France
See also History & Geography programme Year 7 & 8