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History & Geography programme: Year 7 & 8

Areas of Study Year 7 Year 8
On-going themes Current Events General Knowledge Topics/Issues as they arise School History
CIVICS and Local Community Civics Government and/or Social Services Civil Defence and/or The Courts & The Law United Nations / Human Rights
Local Community    
NEW ZEALAND History Maori / European Interaction
(incl. Treaty of Waitangi)
Social Change and Conflict
 (eg: Gallipoli, The Springbok Tour)
Geography Plate tectonics Volcanoes & Earthquakes Mountains, Plains & Plateau
PACIFIC South Pacific & Pacific Rim Our Pacific Rim Neighbours eg Western Americas, China , Malaysia NZ and its Pacific role eg Pacific Forum, Peacekeeping, Foreign Aid
THE WORLD History 1601 - 1901 Victorian England
(The Industrial Revolution)
1902 to present day 20th Century
(Communication & Technology)
Early Civilisations China Romans
Country Study Countries of Political/Economic Influence
             eg China , USA , Russia , Japan
Regions of Conflict/Unrest or Change
             eg The Middle East (or a specific country eg: Israel ),
South Africa , Ireland
See also History & Geography programme Year 4 - 6