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The Friends’ Association

The Friends’ Association is an organisation that represents all families at The Cathedral Grammar School. All parents and guardians of children attending The Cathedral Grammar School are automatically members of the Friends’ Association and are welcome to attend committee meetings. The role of the Friends’ Association is to:

  • Ensure that the school is a friendly and welcoming place.
  • Organise social events in order to foster a sense of community, enabling parents and families to meet together and have some fun.
  • Raise funds to facilitate the purchase of ‘extras’ for the school ensuring the best possible environment for our children’s learning and development.
  • Act as a voice for parents.

You do not have to be a member of the committee to get involved – the Friends’ are always looking for parents to assist them with various projects. Tasks include helping out in the Uniform Shop, providing parental assistance (e.g. covering library books), and the organisation of, and assistance at, social and fundraising events. Please get in touch if you are able to assist in any way!

The Friends’ Association committee is made up of 15 members:

  • four officers
  • seven committee members
  • up to three school board members who are nominated by the Friends’ committee to the Board, and
  • the Principal

Committee for 2017/18

President Angela Reed
Secretary Nicky Oram
Treasurer Diana Wylie
Committee Members Libby Avery, Natalie Sneddon and Stelios Michealides.
Honorary Member Linda Hazel
Principal Scott Thelning

The Friends’ Association committee meetings are held twice a term to discuss social events, fundraising projects and school community initiatives. 

The minutes for these meetings are online (see resources) and hard copies are kept with Linda Marsh. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Friends’ Association, please feel free to give them to the committee members listed above, or email friends@cathedralgrammar.school.nz.

Bank Account details for the Friends' Association is : ANZ: 01-0797-0034696-00
Friends' Association
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